Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FiNaLlY FaLL! Love this time!

Hey everyone, its been a little.bit, so I thought I'd finally post! Not so much about my diet, cause hasn't been so good:( why is it such a struggle??? Grrrrr, honestly its not too bad I'm within 2-3 lbs of what I got to, but losing weight is a pain in the keester! Lol, but I guess no one said it would be easy!

It's finally fall! Yay!!! This is absolutely my favorite time of year! When I work early I always turn my car on full heat, stop for a Ameretto or Pumpkin hot chocolate and blare the Christmas music! Hahaha only on freezing mornings though! Josh would kill me! He doesn't hate x-mas...just hates skipping other holidays to get there. He's an after thanksgiving kinda* lol jk it will be kind weird this year not seeing my family ever trick.or treating with neices and.nephews and then coming home to moms yummy chili in soup.bowls with fritos and cheese:( I guess I'll have to make it myself!

I miss my family tons! I didn't get to the valley at all in September! Growing up kinda sucks sometimes! However, I love Santaquin so much more than Nephi, don't ask me why, but it just feels more like home!

Well anywho, kinda a random all over post, but you get the jist! I'll try to get back to posting more regularly!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday oh Friday: )

Hey everyone, so we are finally moved in and basically settled...few more pictures to hang and such but all in time! Hahaha its been soooo nice having only a 4 minutes drive to and.from work rather than 30! I love it, its so much cuter and newer! Plus its fall!!! Autumn absolute favorite time of year..I'm good til christmas but then after that summer can come back! Well, I fell off the wagon...hard for about 2 weeks...were talking doughnuts, fast food, and ice cream galore! Plus I packed my shred so no working out! And....I drank soda a bazillion times a day! It seriously amazes me how much weight I can gain from starting my last weigh in was 149.. 2 weeks later on Tuesday (after the labor day holiday of course!) I weighed in at 157! Gross huh, I gained almost ten lbs in 2 weeks! So it was a harsh punch in the face, but I guess I needed it...:( back on track now, no fast food, no candy, no ice cream til I'm back to 140's...Yeash its a never ending cycle isn't it?!?! So Tuesday-Thursday I've been good and weighed in at 153 so 4 lbs down since Tuesday! Here we go again! I need to stay ib this stupid wagon so I can get closer to my goal, but its soooo hard with all these yummy fall recipes looking so good! But I'll do it! I've done 3 days OD the shred this week and added my exercise bike to the.mix....I feel tons better!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Okay- still going*

Sorry guys, I missed last Friday but my phone was being soooo stupid! I can't quite remember but I think I weighed in around 151....again* this plateau thing really sucks! BUT!!!! Today, was another Friday weigh in and.....I hit the 140's!!! Hahaha barely..but that's still something!!! 149.8. It feels good and hopefully little by little it will keep coming off! Or a lot by a lot....but trying to be realistic! Hahaha still shredding with Jillian...I've done about 4 a week with her (still level 1) and still dieing! So i think its working!!! I need some new low cal. Lunch ideas that is easy to bring to work! Soup to go's , yogurt, and granola is getting old fast! Ideas please!!!!

On other news josh and I finally found a new closer to both our jobs and will hopefully save a lot on gas! Were moving to Santaquin on Sept 1st and I can't wait! The townhomes are so cute! But packing again....ugh* Hahaha but I'm so exciting for a 3min drive to work verses a 30min one by freeway! Plus I'm 30 minutes closer to  home!!! Well...cache valley! Hehehe it'll always be home to me!

Friday, August 3, 2012

First Friday weigh in!!! Ugh, should have chose a better week!

Okay ya all! LOL so I should have chose a better week, but I tried my hardest! I was sick Sunday-Wednesday with a never ending migraine, but I said no to any pop temptations, home made oreos, any ice cream, cupcakes with 3 inches of frosting at work, the bowl full of candy bars from relief society trying to find me(LOL) ...anywho, I've been sooooo good! Being so sick, I didn't exercise as much but at least every other day! So last Friday I was 153 and by Monday I was 151! I was so excited and thought, "I'll be in the 140's by Friday for sure!!!" And then, ...Tuesday hit.....bloat week, if you get my drift, ugh* I said no to all my temptations still exercised and maintained at 154 from Tuesday-Thursday !!! Not even joking! It was so discouraging, but I'm still trying and this morning I weighed in at 140's , but its a step closer this week! And I'm still being good, so that's a plus!

Josh and I are planning a little weekend get away to maybe Bryce Canyon, so I've stocked up on healthy car ride treats, but you betcha I'm going to splurge a little! Of course I won't go crazy and eat whatever, but a few little splurges will be okay! Moderation - that's the key, I've learned! And then I'll get right back on track Monday! Here's to another week of loss! ....dang this bloat week* Hahaha and thanks for all your encouraging comments everyone, they really help! I will definitely try and keep updating and let you know what's working for me! Happy Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The "old me" and Getting back on Track!

Okay ya'all---I need some motivation- So I;m calling on all of you to keep me in line! As most of you know- I have lost some weight over the past two years. In April of 2010, my family decided to go on a Biggest loser challenge. I have always struggled with my weight- as long as I can remember. Before I had graduated high school- I had been on Weight Watcher's twice, Curves, and every diet under the sun. I didn't really start losing until I moved to Arizona that June. Once there, I was about 2 hours away from any fast food, and basically had nothing to do but hike-LOL So thats what I did- and I started noticing a difference. I kept at it and started pushing myself- going on 3-5 mile hikes in the Kaibab forest almost every day...And yes I worked in the HARDEST enviroment--LOL I was a cookie seller and shake maker at Jacob Lake Inn--and to lose weight near those cookies is a near miracle! LOL That summer I went from 239-198.0---My goal was to be under 200 when my family picked me up- and I did it! So I've kept at it pretty well...I've found what works for me and honestly its not terrible...but I've learned its a life style change- I can't lose the weight and be fine- I have to ALWAYS work at it...So I've kept at it and was successful up until my wedding! LOL I don't know if its because I have nothing to lose weight for--or any time limit to lose it by, but I'm totally slacking which is NOT okay! I need to get my behind back in gear. So here's the new deal! I started the McBride challenge at 239 (Yes I have been in the 240's-but thats where I was when I started this one-The one that has changed my life!) and my goal was to lose 100lbs! The lowest I got was 145 (UGH- a mere 6 lbs. from my goal!) The day I was married I weighed 148 (Yeah, I'm not one to lose weight under stress- Total stress eater here- so I'm just grateful for that! HAHA) And I've been slacking up a storm! So here is my goal...I'm going to get back on track. Start doing my runs, walks, and exercise bike...Dang it- Jillian Michaels WILL be my BFF because I am going to start the Shred again!---Oy, and I will check back up on here every Friday--that will be weigh in day- before the weekend! Because, well duh, I still eat! Thats the key for me..I did quit Soda except for December 24-January 1 every year--because it is my love and what is Christmas without Santa Coke! But I have had little drinks here and there-so no more of that! I will quit the addiction I've had to ice cream as a reward...BUT you know what- once every two weeks will be okay!  So here is my first weigh-in, as of today I was 153--UGH I've done it before and I WILL reach my goal! So any of you out there, with awesome tips, recipes, funny stories, of words of encouragment--please --Lets chat!

So here are some pics of the "transformation?" I guess, well the before! I know its crazy but sometimes I still just see the old me--but I'm trying for the better attitude, especially when it comes to my chubby legs--HAHA We're working on it!.

The Honeymoon!

Josh and I honeymooned in Oceanside California!---It seriously was beautiful the entire time! We were able to go to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and tons of other fun places! We stayed at the World Mark/Trend West Condo's that were right on the ocean! I was so sad to come back! Although it was fun, because everywhere we went -we were "upgraded" for being on our honeymoon- which ROCK't!  We even were upgraded to a presidential suite at the Grand America from a little room at the Little America our first night!

The Wedding Bells Were A'Ringin!

Josh and I were married and sealed for time and all eternity on April 28, 2012...It was an amazing day! I was bummed when it had a 60% chance of rain, but it maybe was cloudy some of the day and then sunny and warm the rest! We were married in the Logan, UT temple...and the day was just perfect! I'm so thankful for all my family and friends who were there for me and supported Josh and I on our special day!